Selling To Drivers (D)

Drivers like challenges and want to be in control.  They are big-picture oriented and hate the details.  They like to make important decisions on key issues and then delegate the rest of the work.  They are risk-takers, goal-oriented, and very businesslike.  Sometimes called Type A personalities, you’ll often find them in positions of authority.  They measure success by the results they achieve.  They make up 18% of the population.

Initial Impression

  • They tend to be extroverted and direct.


  • Can be argumentative & aggressive
  • Quick to anger and challenge others
  • Want to win, sometimes without regard to the costs
  • Will try to dominate the conversation
  • Competitive, with a win-lose philosophy
  • Task oriented

How to Communicate

  • Set a clear agenda with a Meeting Agreement.
  • Don’t ramble on and waste their time.
  • Don’t try to build personal relationships or chitchat.
  • Be well prepared and organized.
  • Tone of voice should be strong, clear, confident and
  • Disagree with the facts, not with the person.

How to Sell to Drivers

  • Talk about the big picture and results they will achieve.
  • Provide facts and figures and probabilities of success, but don’t overly dwell on the details.
  • Use power words like bottom line, results, be the best, new and unique.
  • Provide alternatives for consideration.
  • Move quickly, as they want to make a decision and move on.
  • The color green attracts their eye.

Self-Study Assignment:  Identify several Drivers in your customer/prospect database as well as several Drivers in your personal or business life. On a scale of 1-5 (best), how well do you get along with them?  Make a list of the things you will do differently to relate to them more effectively.