Selling to Steady Relaters (S)

Steady Relaters (amiables) are great team players, yet more reserved by nature than influencers.  They like stability, and are warm and accommodating to others.  They dislike risky situations and place trust as a high priority in relationships.  They make up 40% of the population.

Initial Impression

  • They tend to be reserved, but friendly and cooperative.


  • They don’t readily show their emotions; they are hard to “read”
  • Like procedures, structure, and a steady, calm atmosphere
  • Like the details
  • Not big risk-takers
  • Dislike change
  • Will accommodate requests, even if they are busy
  • Good listener
  • People oriented

How to Communicate

  • Don’t mistake their willingness to go along for satisfaction.
  • Be friendly and try to build a personal relationship.
  • Don’t interrupt them.
  • Take time for friendly chitchat.
  • Listen carefully and show sincerity.
  • Tone of voice should be warm, soft, steady, and calm.

How to Sell to Steady Relaters

  • Don’t force them into a quick decision.
  • Provide facts and proof to overcome their fear of risk.
  • Use words like guarantee, security, promise, etc.
  • Present your ideas slowly.
  • Get “little” agreements throughout.
  • The color blue attracts their eye.

Self-Study Assignment:  Identify several Steady Relaters in your customer/prospect database as well as several Steady Relaters in your personal or business life.  On a scale of 1-5 (best), how well do you get along with them?  Make a list of the things you will do differently to relate to them more effectively.