Sales Training for Sales Managers

Developing a High Performance Team!

Are you tired of getting excuses instead of results?

What if your team’s selling skills were better? Would that help? We know that if you’re a typical sales manager you don’t have the time or the resources to develop a sales training program. And sending everyone out to an effective sales training program (not the occasional motivational workshop) may not be in the budget.

Perhaps your boss has tasked you with building your team’s selling skills but you just don’t have the time to put together a training program. Not unusual. You’re too busy trying to help them close deals, or even carrying a quota yourself.

So you know that training would help, but you don’t have the time or the budget to make it happen.

We have a solution. Validated by thousands of satisfied sales pros worldwide.

SalesCoach will provide you with the tools to implement a repeatable sales process, coach, train, and motivate your people.

The key to success is the Sales Manager’s section. It has 39 easy to administer reinforcement training exercises to make your sales meetings more effective, assessments to help you diagnose strengths and weaknesses in your team, 50+ pages of handy advice on how to be a great sales manager, our Common Sense Selling Tools, and much more. Best of all, it’s only $797. How many sales would you have to make to get a positive return on your investment?

For only $797 you’ll have the tools to start training, coaching, and developing your team tomorrow. SalesCoach is the key!

This is important. Buying has changed significantly in the last several years, but the vast majority of salespeople haven’t changed their approach. They’re still good at reciting features and benefits, specs, testimonials, and make presentations and proposals, but that’s not selling.

So, for Your Salespeople…Enhance the program by signing up each of your individual reps for just $397 per person. Giving them complete 24/7 access to the training will give them the skills to compete more effectively, boost productivity, make them feel appreciated because you’re investing in them, and give them some accountability for self-study. With both programs you’ll have a complete training package…and this year will be your best year ever. Guaranteed.