Common Sense Sales Training

How it Works

Weeks 1-6: The Fundamentals

You will be sent one module per week for the first 6 weeks of training. Each module contains 6-8 short videos and will require 60-90 minutes per week to watch the videos and fill out the workbook which is provided. Each weekly “assignment” will also give you several actionable items to focus on during that week so that you begin to implement what you’re learning and putting it into practice. The focus for the first 6 weeks is learning the fundamentals of Common Sense Selling. This includes…

  • Assessing your selling strengths & weaknesses
  • Evaluating your sales beliefs in view of today’s realities
  • Learning the Common Sense Selling process
  • Handling stalls & objections
  • Prospecting and business development strategies
  • Managing your Inner Game

Weeks 7-52: Reinforcement, Skill Building, & Implementation
You have access to this program for one full year, 52 weeks, 24/7. You can, and should, make a habit of spending 10-15 minutes a day reviewing something in the program. After all, repetition is the mother of a skill. But to help you and keep your immersion in learning the Common Sense Selling process, we’re providing the following:

  • Weekly email tips every Monday morning from the Monday Morning Sales Coach.
  • Bi-weekly email suggestions/assignments with the appropriate references and links to keep you focused on an important aspect of the sales process.
  • Tips on using the Common Sense Selling Tools.
  • The Locker Room contains over 15 hour-long audio sessions that get into the real nitty-gritty of the sales process and provide other resources to help you be successful.
  • And if you get stuck or need some help, just call us. There is nothing more important to us than your success.

Remember, training is a process, not an event. Once and done will not get you where you want to be. Be committed and that commitment will show up in your wallet.