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Secret Weapon for Salespeople

Will this year be better than last year?

Selling for a living doesn’t have to be hard work. But if you’re like 90% of the salespeople out there is it hard work because you’re using outdated approaches that were designed for a buying environment that no longer exists. We know you’re struggling if the following things are happening to you:

  • Getting past the gatekeepers is a continual challenge.
  • Closing deals without having to discount your prices is a rare occurrence.
  • People won’t give you a decision when you submit a proposal…they want to “think it over” and they’re hard to catch after that.
  • And you’re constantly fighting to make your numbers because everyone is putting things off until “next month.”

Yes, the economy has been bad, but no one wants to hear excuses; they want results, and so do you.

Here’s why this is happening to you. Buying has changed, but nobody made an announcement. More sophisticated buyers, armed with more information, coupled with more competition have changed the selling game significantly. And unless you’ve learned new skills and changed your approach, you are at a distinct disadvantage, and it’s only going to get worse.

We’ve spent years developing our sales process, Common Sense Selling, and changed thousands of salespeoples’ lives in the process. Clients typically pay us $2500 per person and more to go through our training. But we know that not everyone can afford that level of investment. So we leveraged technology, put our best material online, and made the entire program very affordable. And we guarantee you‘ll get results or we’ll give you a complete refund. The program is called SalesCoach.

One of our clients said,

“Going through the SalesCoach program is like gold panning. Though, instead of digging through the dirt to find a single nugget there are only gold nuggets in this pan. Wow!”

SalesCoach covers all aspects of selling from A to Z, including…

  • How to take and keep control of the sales process from beginning to end
  • How to eliminate the “premature presentation/proposal” and truly learn to diagnose problems and sell solutions
  • How to get past gatekeepers and spend time with decision makers
  • Understand when and how to discus budget and money issues.
  • Understand how to build value, differentiate from competition, deal with price pressures and sell at higher margins.
  • How to keep your pipeline full with our innovative prospecting techniques
  • Why it’s better to get a “no” early and move on
  • How to prepare for every sales call so you accomplish your objectives
  • How to keep your pipeline full with our innovative prospecting techniques
  • Creative ways to handle the most common stalls and objections
  • How to create rapport with almost anybody
  • How to deal with procurement and sell at higher margins
  • How to prepare for and win at negotiations
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Ben Franklin

Investing in your ability to sell and make more money is the best investment you can make. And it’s a tax deductible business expense that will pay dividends for the rest of your career. What are you waiting for?

Sign up today and start seeing results tomorrow. Guaranteed.