Handling Objections

Like it or not, you’re always going to get objections.  While they’re not “our best friend” as some of the old time sales trainers say, there are some positives to objections.

  • They reveal the prospect’s interests and concerns.
  • They present a good opportunity for you to ask questions about the prospect’s concerns.
  • They show that she is actively involved and interested in the dialogue.
  • They give you an opportunity to sweep away potential roadblocks to winning the business.

Most salespeople wilt under the pressure that they feel when they get objections.  They try to oversell and, in so doing, create a more defensive prospect than they had before.  Your ability to deal with objections successfully can improve communication and trust with your prospect, and ultimately win more business for you.

Having a procedure for handling objections makes the job easier.  It’s a process that works.

Step Description Example
Acknowledge their right to raise objections. “I appreciate you telling me that.”
Isolate Determine if there are any other issues. “Are there any other issues or is this the only one?”
Clarify Ask questions that  clarify the objection and draw out any other underlying objections. “So what is the main concern – that we cannot ________ or that you will have to ___________?”
Confirm Confirm your understanding of the problem. “So if I understand the problem, you’re really most concerned that ___________.  Is that right?”
Respond Provide a response that will satisfy their concern. “Here’s an option we might consider.  What if we…?
Check Check to see if the objection has been resolved. “Would that solve the problem for you?”


Notice that Rewarding& Refocusing is used liberally throughout this process.

Tip:  The key to success is NOT to try to overcome the objection immediately, but rather to ask questions to gain more clarity.  The more you have the prospect talking, the less pressure you will have on yourself to deal with the issue.  Patience is a virtue here.

Self-Study Assignment:  List several of the most common objections you receive (“your price is too high”…“your service is too slow”…etc.) and practice handling these objections using the above formula.