Selling To Cautious Thinkers (C)

Cautious Thinkers (often called analyticals or controllers) live a very disciplined, logical life.  They focus on the details, avoid quick (risky) decisions, and hate to make mistakes. They are skeptical of most salespeople’s claims unless backed up by volumes of data.  You will often find them in technical or financial positions.  They make up just 14% of the population.

Initial Impression

  • They tend to be reserved, analytical, and skeptical.


  • Work well alone
  • Like procedures, structure, and following the rules precisely
  • Like the details, often having ”analysis paralysis”
  • Not big risk-takers; dislike change
  • Highly organized
  • Hate to be wrong
  • Avoid conflict and confrontation; very diplomatic
  • Have high expectations of others
  • Task oriented

How to Communicate

  • Don’t mistake their willingness to go along for satisfaction.
  • Don’t try to become their “buddy.”
  • Don’t get too close; respect their “space.”
  • Don’t interrupt them.
  • Get down to business quickly.
  • Listen carefully and show sincerity.
  • Tone of voice should be controlled, direct, and precise.

How to Sell to Cautious Thinkers

  • Don’t force them into a quick decision
  • Don’t act like a “salesperson.”
  • Provide details, facts, and proof as they are not risk-takers
  • Use words & phrases like proven, here are the facts, guarantee, take your time, etc.
  • Be conservative regarding any claims you might make.
  • Be very well prepared.
  • The color yellow attracts their eye.

Self-Study Assignment:  Identify several Cautious Thinkers in your customer/prospect database as well as several Cautious Thinkers in your personal or business life.  On a scale of 1-5 (best), how well do you get along with them?  Make a list of the things you will do differently to relate to them more effectively.