The Rules

1. Follow your sales process.

2. See Rule #1.

3. If I act like a salesperson, I’ll be treated like one.

4. Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.

5. My prospect must convince me he has a problem that needs to be fixed.

6. The harder I push for a “yes,” the more likely I am to get a “no.”

7. No pain, no change.

8. Prospects mislead salespeople; it seems to be genetically encoded.

9. If they don’t have the money, even my best sales pitch isn’t likely to help them find it.

10. A “think it over” is just a slow “no” with a free torture treatment.

11. I will reduce my chances for success by 50% if I’m not in front of the real decision maker.

12. Not everybody is a prospect; so “no” is okay as long as I’ve qualified properly.

13. Successful selling is collaborative, not adversarial.

14. My job is to get information, not give it; I need to shut up and listen.

15. The greater the prospect’s pain, the less the focus will be on price.

16. I don’t make presentations to people who can’t, or won’t, make a decision.

17. My time is incredibly valuable and my prospect has to earn my continued involvement with him.

18. My attitude is that I’m financially secure and don’t need the business.

19. Trust is the foundation of every sale – people buy from people they trust.

20. Questions are my most effective tools for success.

21. I’m capable of a quantum leap in my sales; there is no limit to what I can accomplish.

Self-Study Assignment:  Read over these rules; turn them into affirmations by placing a copy where you can read them at least one a day.